current4One of my computer related hobbies! Even this site was, at some point, connected to the internet wirelessly. I installed my first wireless network in early 2001 based on Cisco Aironet 340. Since then I have tried many different brands of equipment but nothing I tried so far can compete with a Cisco although Mikrotik is coming very close…

twmnlogoI got more involved in wireless networking in the beginning of 2003 when I started participating in the wireless community of Thessaloniki where I encountered again after a decade a lot of old friends from fido. Some of them, and a few new ones, formed TWMN Thessaloniki Wireless Metropolitan Network. Our goal is to connect all wireless users and networks of Thessaloniki and who knows, maybe in the future there can be links between cities.

When living in Greece I used to maintain a node with two Access Points in Peraia, a small village 20Km away from the center of Thessaloniki with pargyrak_twmn_redbackbone links to other parts of Peraia and a direct to Kalamaria, Thessaloniki.

Now everything is taken down as I live abroad…… Life of an expat….

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