Me and Computers

Writing about computers is like writing my CV since this is the profession I chose. Since  pointing out my qualifications is not the purpose of this page I will stick with just what I enjoy using computers for.

My first contact with computers was back in 1982 when I bought a Sinclair ZX-81 with a 16Kb memory expansion. I still got it and it is working perfectly. A couple of years later I bought a Sinclair ZX Spectrum +, then an Amstrad CPC 6128.

In 1989 as a University Student I was working on an IBM 370 VM/SP with CP/CMS. That was my first contact with mainframes and a world wide network called BITnet. Although BITnet was very small compared to the Internet it had many advantages. Only IBM mainframes were able to fully take advantage of its potentials though.

It was then when I decided to buy a 2400bps modem for my ATARI 520STe. With it, I could log on to BBS’s and exchange mail and files with other people in the privacy of my home. These BBS’s were exchanging mail via a network called Fidonet.

My participation in Fidonet started in 1991 when I had my own BBS on my ATARI STe called VM/SP (Virtual Mailer / St Powered). After that the one thing led to another and I ended up using PC’s and 33.6kbps modems. I kept running my system sometimes as just a mailer, sometimes as both a mailer and a BBS until I had to serve the Army in March, 1996. At that time my system was the central node for Thessaloniki’s part of Fidonet and I held the position of R.E.C 41.

Internet came up in early 1993 and my first Web pages in early 1995. Although Internet was cheaper I did prefer Fidonet. It is more cosy, more private, more human one might add.

After the army, Information Technology became my main occupation. First on stand alone computers, then on small to medium size installations.

System Administration, Network Administration, Virtualization, Cloud computing, Security just some fields that I am involved in.

At home I do keep a small lab with a few physical servers, network equipment, firewalls (yes firewallS in plural 🙂 ) and of course VMs. Now looking into containers and docker and Kubernetes. Perhaps I will bloooog about it.

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